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  • Jon Y. - Good deal and works very wellI prefer H&R Block's software to TurboTax because it does the exact same thing, but for a much lower price. The program is very easy to use; very user-friendly. It walks you through the whole process and answers all your questions along the way. It accommodates for most any tax situation too (like if you are self-employed, have a business, etc). Having 5 free e-files is a nice bonus, so everyone in your family can use it too. With H&R's support, I feel confident that my taxes are being done right and that they will cover me in case of an audit or something.
  • Sin Ching Ip - TF201This is my first tablet and I love it. I hope it lasts me for a long time. Satisfied with my purchase
  • Albert J - SEO the Big PictureSEO 2012 & Beyond began to put search engine optimization together for me. I have read quite a bit about SEO. I am a little analytical and I need to know the how and why before I can tackle something. This is the first book to help me create a mind map to really understanding the SEO concept. Yes the book has a number of specific tasks, but what I really appreciated was the way the author helped me understand the overall concept of SEO. What once felt like an overwhelming goal has shrunk down to a manageable task.
  • Amy L. Bradford - Great ProductThis is the least expensive of all the probiotics I've tried, and it works a lot better than the ones that cost three times as much. I have to take them all the time because of a medical condition, and these are the best. This is a great deal for the price because I get Amazon's prescription rate, so I get them cheaper than anywhere, with free shipping. Amazon is great!
  • Lucas X. Bozek "Lucas" - Bang for thhe Buck!There once was a time when the Black Titleist was the national standard by which all other balls were compared. We had the "Dot" the "Tourney" and the Wilson Staff. But that balata cover and 100 compression were as good as anything. The click coupled with the soft touch around the greens was amazing. Those days are gone. Now we have the Pro-V-1, which runs 4 bucks or more a ball. Loose one and you cry like a lost child. Enter the Bridgestone E6. Good feel around the green, good feel off the tee and in between. And for 2 dollars less. I have played every make of Nike, Srixon, Titleist, and the new Top-Flites. but this is as decent as any. The Pro-V1 is a great ball, but it doesn't make you any better than any of the others. For my money this is the only one I play. The soft cover wears a bit quicker than the E7, but feels better putting and the dimple design does cut down on the sidespin. It's not going to save you from that duck hook or banana split, take a lesson.