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  • Jonathan - Best Price for Premium Version - Works wellAmazon has the best price I could find on the premium version (early Feb for $29). We have used the taxcut/H&R Block software for the last 5+ years and it works well. This year I had to open the Norton Antivirus firewall to allow the product to update since it was blocking the connection (but that is not the fault of this product). It is easy to install and you don't have to use the disk once it is installed. They consistently send out updates so you don't have to worry about buying an outdated piece of software. I have already finished a lot of my 2012 taxes using the product and it works as well as in prior years. There is a bit of a learning curve for a person new to the software but once you get used to how it works you can easilly move around various forms and details. The premium version is great if you have a self-proprietorship/small business. If you are looking for tax software that is cheap and works well, this is a good product. If taxes scare you and you need something simple (and are willing to pay almost twice as much), go wih turbotax.
  • JM - Feeling betterMy doctor recommended i try this probiotic because i was having severe problems with constipation. Along with exercise and drinking more water, this product seems to have help alleviate it. I was trying to get my dose of probiotics by eating yogurt, but this is a lot easier and gives me more per dose.
  • Mazie Cochran - I had no idea what I was buying...Except my daughter kept telling me, "Mom, you've borrowed these books from me for years. It's time you buy your own."

    Frankly, I'm glad she decided to be bull-headed about it, because I'm not sharing this year's with her either. Upon initial flip-through, I was happy to see that there are articles that made me breathe a sigh of relief, because finally, something about contracts! Any writer who is trying to get published needs this book in their personal library.

    Will I buy the 2013 version? Definitely. If they can pack so much information into one book, I hope they can pack in more next year.

    The most helpful part of the book? I'm torn between the "how-much-should-I-charge" chart and the writing calendar!
  • Scott - Buy A33...Be Happy!Good: Excellent sound...solid construction...great battery life.
    Bad: Weighs almost 3 pounds.
    If sound is important to you then the A33 is an excellent choice. Full room-filling sound with strong bass and clear highs at low and high volume. Amazing for a speaker this size. I have had the unit about a month and have had no bluetooth connectivity problems at all so far. The battery life seems great so far, and the unit does power itself off when not in use. It weighs about 3 pounds, so probably not suited for lugging around in a backpack everyday, but otherwise the A33 can definitely be the centerpiece of your portable sound system.