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  • Vinny9151 - Serious Sound with a great Price PointBluetooth Speaker Folks - after too much research and listening tests
    at the local Best Buy, I purchased this monster of a portable speaker. Units compared against:

    Jambox (Big Box and original)
    Bose Mini-link
    Bose Sound link
    Beats PiIll
    JBL Charge
    JBL Flip
    and other lesser known names...

    This is some serious portable sound. Blows away the Big Jambox, Bose units and Charge, at the price of the Charge. Tons of sound - punchy crisp bass, good mid ranges and nice highs - great cymbal sound. A bit bigger than the regular Jambox and much heavier, due to the increased magnet size and components, but still quite portable. I tested this using iPod and Galaxy GS3 bluetooth and direct mini-plug inputs. Listened to some classical guitar, Evanesence, Genesis, Yes, Skillet and of course, some wash out a higher volumes, bass stays intact and crashing cymbals. Need a bluetooth for beach, patio or where ever - this is for you.
  • Courtney - Right for meIntelligender told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, and the doctor confirmed at the 20 week ultrasound. It was right for me. We also did the gendermaker test, and it said girl.
  • Sitting in Seattle - The best printed atlas for general usageI've ordered a new copy since previous review of the 2012 version. They're mostly identical except for updated census figures and a few map updates -- not enough to warrant an update in itself, but I needed another copy for another location.

    I periodically check out atlases and find the Rand McNally to be the most useful for general reference and highway driving. The maps are clear and have the kind of attention to fonts and cartography that minimizes confusion and has a good level of detail for the scale. I think this size (this the large, almost newspaper size format) is the best one for reading and reviewing in a car, but too large for (say) most backpacks or bookshelves (turn it sideways).

    In short, if you want an atlas, this is as good as ever.
  • Rose K. - An Expert Character Study in the Vein of American PsychoAlissa Nutting is an exceptional talent. Celeste Price is not a likeable character in the least, but she is so deftly explored, and so completely and convincingly realized, that I was wholly engrossed in her story.

    Told in the first person, we have complete access to Price's peculiarities, predilections, and foibles, with the full detail of her sharp, succinct, and frequently humorous observations. Nutting, while generous in her use of description, doesn't waste a single word. She moves the story forward with a skillful hand- slow builds where needed, coupled with efficient movement that always feels fluid. By the time you sense the first steps uphill towards the climax of the story, you are so deep inside Price's head that her behavior is fully entrenched in the "shockingnotshocking" zone. Her observations of the events unfolding, and of herself, remain consistently unflinching, even as we see her shifting out of control.

    Nutting has crafted her main character's filter so deliberately, and guides the novel with such a steady hand, I found the book difficult to put down. I finished it in less than three days, and will definitely read it a second time. Excellent writing, through and through.