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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • P. Carreiro - An absolute must for the safety of your petSo many pets go missing each day and this would increase the odds of finding them. Tagg does everything as advertised and has met my expectations.

    My neighbor's dog ran from their yard two nights ago and they spent the whole evening searching by car and by foot. It wasn't until the following morning that the dog came home by itself. They have asked me about the Tagg Tracker that all my dogs have, but never purchased one for their dog. Had they done so, the search for their dog would have been short and sweet. They are now in the process of purchasing a kit.

    I also like the activity tracker feature that is part of the Tagg service. It is comforting to know with certainty how much activity my dogs are getting.
  • TEXASSUSAN - For Every WomanRepHresh provides a balanced PH without the use of Estrogen. It feels like a woman's natural lubrication and feels and smells wonderful. It was ok'd by my doctor for use after extensive surgery. There are no con(s), only pro(s) and that is highly unusual. After 9 months usage, I will remain a Rephresh customer......
  • Denise Tober - Outlander seriesI listened to the entire Outlander series audiobooks. Reading them is even more enjoyable and I realize how much I missed with the audiobooks. Every book in the series is packed with adventures. Though these books have many pages they are definitely not long. I have trouble putting them down
  • bruce amore - Great Deal!I was advised by my two brothers to go with Norton 360 as my security on my new laptop.I was told by a friend to check
    out Amazon for speed and price.They were all right! I have and will sugguest the same to everyone in the future.I must say, Amazon has always been great to deal with in every way.
  • Iris Dunson "irisfromohio" - Best Gift I've Ever Given my Kids for Myself!My older daughter goes through 5-8 2 liter bottles of pop a week, easily. My younger daughter is fond of Red Bull and usually buys her own. However, I do have occasion to indulge her from time to time. I try not to drink too many soft drinks, but I am fond of Diet Pepsi. My older daughter alone is the reason I chose to get the Sodastream for her Christmas present and it was THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE. It was easy to assemble and the process was very quick. Best of all, the product tasted wonderful! We tried the lemon-lime flavor which had the same fresh, crisp flavor that 7up made with cane sugar when I was young, cold and straight from the bottle. The diet cola did not taste like DP, but it was quite good. The flavor was not that of Diet Coke either, which is another plus for me. You don't need to use electricity, and it can be stored conveniently in the kitchen, close to the sink. I think filtered drinking water might even add to the flavor. Clean up is easy plus there are no used cans or bottles to deal with. And, yes, no lugging the any heavy beverages from the store. Anyway, I did the calculations, factoring the price of flavors and the tubes for the carbonation gas, and over the course of a year, if we save about $441 verses purchasing as we have been from the store. The only caveat I see is that one must be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and followed to the letter. That is mostly a problem for men, so that makes it a minor issue ;-). In summary, it is a great buy for households that do drink a lot of soda and sparkling water. I would purchase it again if I had to and when this one wears out, I will get another.