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  • J. P. Demers - Nice, but not the real thing.Many reviewers seem to be under the impression that this binder can be used on actual women. While this is a solid and attractive binder, potential buyers should be aware that it is not an actual 1840's woman binder, but a modern replica, intended for collectors of outmoded historical artifacts. Nobody would actually use such a thing in this day and age.
  • Andre Pau - Samsung Tab 10"Hi bought this Tablet for my partner so she could keep up with modern trends and apps
    well pleased we do everything on it now including the monthly shop /top-up.
    Its such a handy device and has all the speed and portability of a laptop but a 1/4 of the weight.
    Touch screen takes some time to get used to but works well once you use it a bit more and become familiar.
    Ideal device and would recommend to all work or play 10" is much better than its smaller 7" and ideal for more mature users. Would rate a good 9 out of 10
  • Jen Garza - Best toy for babies- They go crazy!I choose to get my baby this toy after reading the stellar reviews on Babycenter birth community. Every mom on there was raving about this toy, so I broke down and decided to get it. Best decision I have ever made! My husband was a bit skeptical, but now he believes me, and says this is the best toy for our daughter. She is currently 3 months, and she will spend 20-40 minutes on this toy! I would recommend this toy to any new mom. Also, I love that you can move the arch to the floor, so that baby as some toys in front of her during tummy time.
  • Heather - It is soo refreshing to find a program that actually worksThe only issue that I have with the program is the CD's. Some of them the audio goes in and out at times but only for a second or two. I really did not bother me much.

    But the program actually works. And the great part is that I can listen to it again and again and work through workbook as needed for a refresher.

    I was paying $100 a session for my child to attend therapy and it was not working. Since the program I have been able to handle her more effectively and get the necessary results and the best part I was able to cancel her sessions within the first 2 weeks of using this program.

    Thanks James