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  • J. Sparks - What a reliefIf I'm not allergic to something I put on my skin I generally at least have a sensitivity to the product. I was sure Bare Minerals would be the same when I received a starter kit for Christmas. I couldn't have been any more wrong. It covers everything and you feel nothing. It's amazing. I had a cycle of putting on foundations, they would break out my skin and I would then put another product on top the breakout to try and cover it up which would cause another breakout. Those days are over! My skin looks better and better every day I use Bare Minerals.
  • GAM "Movie Buff" - Wendy Davis American HeroI desperately needed running shoes so I thought why not? I watched Wendy's brave filibuster against TX Republicans who force women to remain poor, barefoot & pregnant. The Texas Republicans recently voted no on equal pay for women. Misogynist Rick Perry has gone too far taking away a woman's access to mammograms, contraception & difficult private choices. Neanderthal Rick & his Tea Baggers need to keep out of healthcare issue between a woman, her doctor & family. I'll wear these shoes with pride. They're well made, I like pink & looked cute on Wendy.Mizuno Lady Wave Rider 16 Running Shoes
  • Ashley F "Ms. Finny" - Safe and great for a fast growing babyI have owned two of the Primo Viaggio car seats and we LOVE them. After seeing and handling other car seats with babies of friends and family I would never purchase anything different. I feel like this car seat is so much sturdier and my baby is protected so much better in this seat. I love that the newer versions come with the side impact protection for the baby's head. Not only is this a great safety feature, it is a very clear visual for when everything needs to be raised to fit the growing baby. Also, raising it is so much easier than previous versions of this car seat (or other car seats). You simply grab the clip in the back and pull, just like unhooking it from the car. This raises the side impact protection and straps as baby gets taller.

    I also love that this car seat goes up to 30 lbs and 30". These are the largest numbers I have seen for an infant car seat, which makes the purchase price well worth it. I have very large children (my most recent being 22" and 9.5 lbs at birth) which means infant car seats aren't usable for very long with my kids. I was able to use this car seat far longer than I would have had I bought any other brand. Plus I owned a small SUV so fitting a car seat in the back seat once we could no longer keep it in the middle was an issue. The Peg-Perego fit perfectly.

    As far as portability, the handle on this car seat is very easy to grip (unlike the zig zagged handles of other car seats) or slip your arm through. As my baby is now over 20 lbs I do find it a bit heavy to carry but he is also able to sit up so we tend to put him in the stroller instead. This also clips easily in to any Peg-Perego stroller and sits easily in many other strollers. We had a smaller Pliko P3, we now have the Uno, and we have a larger double stroller. All three of which the Primo Viaggio has worked perfectly with.

    And my favorite part about the Peg-Perego selection is the variety of bright colors!