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  • Linda R Jones - You will love this!I gave up cable and went to roku. I know have cable and this box and my husband and I absolutely love it. There are so many choices and it costs very little or free. Can't beat that. I only pay for Netflix, Hulu, and Spirit Clips. Less than $20.00 a month compared to $180 for everything on cable.
  • ThatGuyNamedTyler - Don't listen to other reviewsWhen Windows 8 was first being discussed I downloaded the consumer preview on my old laptop. I didn't like it. I liked Windows 7 much better. So right before it came out I got a new laptop. It had Windows 7. It allowed me to pay $15 to upgrade. I did it. I don't regret it a single bit. Windows 8 is new! That's why people don't like it, it's wayy different from previous versions. People don't like change. But this change is good. I guarantee if you use this OS for a month and get used to all the controls you'll love it. I'm very impressed. It's even better if you have dual screens. Because the taskbar on desktop mode is on both screens. Windows 8 is also good for people who aren't as techy. That's what they were aiming at. A tablet like OS. If you just check your mail. You click the mail tile that's large showing your latest email. It's just so simple. I know I'm rambling but don't put it down until you get used to it.