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  • Lucinda F. Morgenthau "lucinda" - RIDING THE RAPIDSAlan Dershowitz has written a fascinating story of his life. The idiosyncratic characters that people his book will make you both laugh and reach for the tissues - from his childhood mentors to the outlandish rich and famous he has represented. It is remarkably revealing about our criminal justice system. The story of two brothers who broke their father out of jail and ended up on death row for murder even though they were not even present when two people kidnapped in the jailbreak were killed, is chilling enough. But the shock comes with Dershowitz's appeal to the Supreme Court and the opinion of Sandra Day O'Connor, usually a reasonable former member of the Court. She ruled that the brothers were in reckless disregard of human life when they carried out the dangerous jailbreak; their mental state was culpable. This crime, she wrote, warranted execution. Then there is the mercurial and deceptive Klaus Von Bulow who told Dershowitz he didnt want to see the film based on his murder case but then secretly went to see it anyway. Dershowitz's narrative will keep you turning the pages. Lucinda Franks
  • mau - great productThe tablet has a great size i would of like it to have more ram but it works great would defenitaly recomend it to anyone
  • J. Howard - So good it's a little disgustingI was searching for a pet hair vacuum and came across this Shark. Having owned and used a Shark hand vac for a couple years that I was very satisfied with I didn't hesitate to buy this one. I owned a cheap Hoover vac that I thought was doing a good job, but after I got this sucker home and assembled (took maybe 5 minutes and technically doesn't require tools) I started it up. In one room it picked up so much extra crap from my carpet that I had to empty the canister already. It was honestly gross to see all the stuff it was picking up that my other vacuum had been leaving. Long story short, I bought it as a pet hair vacuum, and ended up with a much better all-around vacuum as well.
  • serenity - Dramatic difference in hair growthI received my item May 10, 2012 and today June 18th, 2012 I can say Wow what a difference. The hair on my armpits is atleast 80-90% gone and my bikini area 60%. I have very dark hair and I have very fair skin. Yes I have used it on my chin and upper lip (used eye protection and closed my eyes) and can say there is only about 15 stubborn hairs left on my chin and 100% clear on my upper lip. I had very course and dark hair on my chin and would have to pluck every morning, but not now. With just the few left I shave and zap them every week and they are dwindling away. I admit that I use the highest setting and zapped sometimes twice a week. I only shave my armpits about every 5 days now and most of the time you cannot even see any hair without getting really close. So yes I love this machine and will keep using until all hair is gone.
  • M. Davis - Just as described!This price was just to good to be true! I thought it couldn't be for real. Was skeptical but had to give it a try for this price. I love Bare Escentuals and have been using it for years....just can't get over this pricing! It was exactly as order with worries!! This stuff is great!! Thanks for the great price and fast shipping!!