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  • D. Crane - Fresh content, practical applicationI am in a new role where I am working on eCommerce learning plans for a large packaged goods manufacturer. I'm not a student and I don't have the luxury of spending 3 months to get up to speed on the topic so this book was perfect. The content is probably topical for at least another 12-18 months. If you need guidance in this space fast I felt this book was worth the investment.
  • P. Santos - Really Works!!!!!!!This book really works! My husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year and the doctor said that he needs to have his colon taken out. We contacted a nutritionist and said that diet with help. The first diet we tried didnt work, we spent so much on the suppliments and doctor phone consultations and my husband's symptoms were getting worse. THEN my husband stumbled upon this book!!!!! Within two days on the starter diet, we saw improvements. It is a strict diet, but the recipes inside the book helped a lot, and they are yummy too. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and is really serious in breaking the vicious cycle :) I dont think this book will work, if you're not committed to it 100%
  • D. Truong "El Duke" - Makes great Lattes and easy to useWhen I first received this coffee latte maker, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated. There was some assembly required and I have always regarded making lattes as an Art form that only trained professional Baristas were capable of mastering, lol. In fact, the new and boxed Coffee maker sat on my table for about a week before I summoned the courage to assemble it and use it for the first time. I found the instructions for putting it together very easy and not nearly as complicated as I had scared myself into believing. The steps for making coffee are very easy as well... almost as easy as those super quick and easy coffee makers known as the Keurig K-cup coffee makers. I love and own one of those too by (The Mr Coffee Keurig Coffee Maker to be exact). Anyways, this latte coffee maker is almost as simple and easy to use. The way it essentially works is that the top part holds the water reservoir and coffee & filter. It super heats the water (like those Keurig Coffee makers I mentioned) in only a few minutes (3 to 5 mins) and brews the coffee through a traditional paper filter (but according to the manual, some reusuable filters should work too). You can add as much or little coffee as you like. The bottom part holds the Serving Flask that you put the milk in. It heats up the milk and froths it up at the same time the coffee is brewed. When the coffee is finished brewing, it drips into the heated Milk flask. You can add sugar, other sweeteners and spices like nutmeg, vanilla etc into the heated milk flask as needed too.

    It also comes with a booklet which has some recipes for different kinds of lattes, which is pretty nice. I have to admit that the lattes that I've made so far with this machine taste very good... as good as the ones I've had in nice local Cafes. The machine itself looks nicely built with a classic minimalist design. It doesn't look or feel cheap at all and it does feel like a premium product. I really don't have any complaints about it... except maybe that it would be nice if the whole thing was dishwasher safe, heh heh. But as with any electronic device, this just isn't possible... so you will have to clean this by hand. If you're in the market for a relatively inexpensive, fast, and easy to use Latte Coffee maker, this should fit your needs nicely. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Michael L. Knapp - I trust RoxioWhen I got my first computer many years ago it came loaded with a version of Roxio. I was amazed at how easy it was to get professional results with little computer background. As time has passed I know I can trust Roxio to put out an easy to understand product that gives great results. I was not let down by the current release Roxio Creator 2011. Every version update takes what was best with previous versions & refines it. With this version the first thing you notice from a previous version is that you are already familiar with how it works. Only now it does it even better than before. At firs it seemed that the 3D was just a gimmick. My wife & I run a preschool/daycare and the 3D treatment of pictures has completely captivated the children. We went on a field trip recently & the pictures of the trip with the treatment just jumped out at them. Impressed the heck out of the parents as well! As far as other media goes, it does an exemplary job of helping you to assemble personalized music CD's. It's many editing capabilities assure you of professional sounding results every time whether it's a mix disc for your car or mastering a home studio recording to make it broadcast ready, it does it all. I've only used the video editing one time to assemble various live videos of my band into a single watchable presentation. It didn't let me down. People who have seen it remarked on the professionalism of the appearance of the disc. All in all I can truthfully say that Roxio has come through again with their most recent update. Keep up the good work - you have earned my lifetime support for your products.
  • Lee Griggs "ScribblerG" - 2013 Writer's Market2013 Writer's Market If you are planning on becoming a writer or if you are already a professional writer or even a "rejected" writer...the 2013 Writer's Market book should be on your desk. I cannot operate without it and I am a published writer of books and magazine articles. I have this book on my Android as well as my office computer and refer to it constantly. For anyone, even with a dream about writing, this is the reference book you must have in your library.