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  • Jon Linden - Work Ethics In Botswana And Around The WorldIt is often said, "What goes around, comes around." Or perhaps more succinctly and more personally, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In this book, the 8th book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Series, McCall Smith concentrates on Work Ethics on the job. Many interesting events take place in this volume for followers of the series. We have two resignations, Mma Makutsi and Rra Charlie, the older mechanic apprentice; each for their own reasons. And, each returns for totally different reasons.

    Both are welcomed back, despite the terms of their resignations. Each of these allowances for their returns are deeply embedded in the high ethical positions of both Mma Ramotswe and Rra J.L.B. Matekoni. Both run the most highly ethical types of lives and these high ethics extend also to their work and how they treat people in their work and outside their work. Ethics in work is perhaps even more important than ethics in the rest of life, as at work, there is a job to keep secure and a salary to earn that supports families, children, and spouses; if not others.

    Perhaps the most interesting of all the ethical questions tackled by McCall Smith in this book is that of Medical Ethics. There is a case that comes into the Agency, involving the mysterious death of three people, who died in the same bed at the same time; each occurrence happening on a Friday. Surely this could be a coincidence, but the odds of such a coincidence must be astronomical.

    It is Mma Ramotswe's job to investigate and evaluate whether there is something or someone responsible for these mysterious deaths, or whether the unusually odd statistical probability is just that, a coincidence. With her usual style, Mma investigates this situation with the assistance of her unusually acute sense of awareness. She looks for something different, particularly at that time on Fridays. She does in fact find just such a difference. It turns out, that the Assistant Administrator is aware of this situation, but he had been the one to call in Mma Ramotswe and the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

    That decision was one of ethics. Despite the Administrator's awareness of the reason, he wanted an outside agent to write a report indicating that there was nothing amiss in these deaths. When it turns out, that the one responsible for the mysterious occurrence is not aware whatsoever of what she had caused, it was left to Mma Ramotswe to decide what would be the ethical thing to do. All those who lost their lives had been old, with no dependent relatives and they had been very, very sick. Mma decides that the protection of the inadvertent perpetrator's sense of ethical propriety is the most ethically correct position to take. She therefore agrees with the Administrator to indicate that there is nothing unusual about the incident and to let it end right there.

    This volume is particularly fine in the series. By this the eighth book in the series, there is considerable character development and readers of all 8 books understand and know the ways of the characters that appear in the series. Because of this situation, McCall Smith is able to play on their past behaviors to work out some very tricky and sticky Work Ethics problems and considerations. The book is recommended to all readers interested in ethical behavior and all readers of McCall Smith books who want to read perhaps the very best of the series since the first book.
  • A. M. Taylor - i need my two hole punchedWOW,I must have been living in the 1960's. Now that I have 47% access to this binder I realize that as a woman supervisor of 8 men at my job, I can now keep track of all my hopes and day dreams about having equality not only in the work force but as a gay/mom/female gun owner too. I can now catalog my gun information, right next to my pamper coupons for my baby, gas bill, electric bill, mortgage bills, car payment, HOA bills, medical bills, cable and phone bills, grocery lists, childcare bills. Now that I have this, I understand that I have to finally take repsonsiblity for my life. Whoah, I have been a total pink frilly fog for 40 years util now. Now that i know how to strenghten my family and find equality with an easy to use binder, life just seems much more American. Thanks binder.
  • Ian Geoffrey - Beginning of a revolution?It is pure conjecture on my part to label this book as "revolutionary." But if Sam Harris is right (and I think he is), then there is a chance that his idea will catch on. That idea being, in a nutshell: human well-being is the basic concern of morality (this is the most basic premise of Harris' idea, however it's one that, necessarily, he spends a lot of time on, since even secularists have been conditioned to reject such value statements). Human well-being is dependent entirely on states of the human brain and events in the natural world. Therefore there are scientific facts to be known about it, and better and worse ways of encouraging human flourishing and well-being. That is not to say that there aren't questions to be had: what do we mean by human well-being? What exactly are these facts? What are these events in the natural world? Questions such as these are mostly outside of the purview of Harris' book. They are questions to be answered after we have laid the groundwork. But what we have here is the blueprint for an emerging science of morality.

    "The Moral Landscape" is an insightful, interesting, important, refreshing book that should captivate even those who disagree.
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