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  • K. Mountjoy "Komical" - Tab It and be DONE!I recently bought this tab and can tell you, it smacks down my iPad 3. I can do so much more; i.e., because I have an android phone with google account, once I synced with google account in a matter of seconds, everything on my phone was on my tab! Games, contacts, email accounts, etc. We have set up remote television; readers accounts and file manager. Also, a feature you get with this tab that you dont get with iPad - email accounts allow for us to file our emails as they are set up in Outlook. Not sure what justifies paying $500+ for other tabs, but this one is doing everything (and more to come) that I need right now!

    We can watch television
    Hook-up to sound systems
    Expand memory
    Access Music Manager (google cloud that stores up top 20,000 songs FREE!)
    Chat with other platforms
    Vibrant screen color
    Long lasting battery life
    Multi-screen usage

    eReader is not as interactive as ePub in iPad, but you can download Aldiku app to remedy that.
    If you are not familiar with Android platform (I am) there is a learning curve.
  • Mang Wong - Good review sourceI am on my 2nd year of medical school and I don't recommend anyone reading this book until 1-2 months before you take the step. This should not be treated as a text book but as a review book. You should learn everything before reading this. Also another tip is, you should have already or are close to doing at least 6000 questions before going over your review materials. Good luck.
  • Rorkie - 5 stars??? How about 500 stars!?!I'm sorry, but 5 stars is an insult to this unbelievable album! I bought it on vinyl when I was a kid, and now on CD I listen to it over and over and over again. 30 years later, and this album does NOT tire! I love it.

    This is easily Pink Floyd's best album ever . . . and that's saying a lot, especially since DSOTM is such an amazing classic, and The Wall, of course, is another classic. But there's something about Animals -- 3 long songs bookended by 2 short ones -- which is the absolute best format for such epics as this.
  • Anne-Marie Ibanez - Another great read!Could not imagine a more enjoyable read than Wolf Hall, but here it is. The story seemed more concentrated and the pace was compelling..with a Kindle read it's hard to know when the last page will come and it was too soon. Cannot wait for the sequel. After such a meteoric rise, one fears the worst for Thomas Cromwell, execution being the political tool that it was. More, please, Hillary from your retreat down by the sea. And something about Elizabeth 1 and how she survived. Thank you for such a convincing account.
  • Stephen Furr - Easily the best game in years!I can't believe the negative reviews about this game. This game is engaging, exciting and graphically beautiful! It's also emotionally charged; just look at the incredible number of people who felt the need to comment, whether good or bad. Here's the last word: it's the first video game that my wife felt enticed to play too. The ability to play with your friends as well as perfect strangers in a game with complex situations but relatively easy to learn mechanics makes this fun and simple to pick up and enjoy playing.

    Haters will hate, and that's fine. For me, I have enjoyed over 200 hours so far and see this continuing to be fun for a while. Not too bad for the price of an average steak dinner!

    Edit: Stupid grammar goof.