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  • Amazon13 - Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 is Still The Best...I have been using Kaspersky now for three years and counting... If it continues to perform as it has in the previous three years I have found the "ONE"! I've tried many but this one is different in many ways, so far it hasn't caused any malfunctions of my computer running Windows 7. Knock-On-Wood... I believe that I've tried all of better known An-ti Virus Brands and this one is definitely holding my attention!
  • RJ "starchild_101" - A GodsendUlcerataive Colitis is a nightmare. Modern medicine is not the answer. At least not for me. Let's be clear: the diet requires a lot of discipline and perseverance. But it can be done and the results are worth it. This book has changed my life. I have taken charge of my body and my future. I used to believe what my doctors told me about how diet has nothing to do with my disease. Well, over one year later, medicine free and totally healthy, I beg to differ. I wish there was some way I could shout it out from the rooftops so that all those who suffer like I once did can know there is a way.
  • DianeB - My IBS is finally gone after 13 years of suffering!After 13 years of suffering from horrible constipation and bloating due to IBS (diagnosed when I was 33), I am finally free of symptoms!!! Eight months ago, I was put on an antibiotic that I was told would destroy the bad bacteria in my gut and my symptoms did get better. But over several weeks, the symptoms returned. Every meal, even whole foods, left me bloated and in pain and the constipation returned, as well. A trip back to the gastroenterologist only garnered another prescription for the antiobiotic (which didn't help this time). About this same time, I came across Donna's book and began to incorporate some of her principles, thinking that the levels of good bacteria in my gut were too low to properly digest food. Within days, I could eat and not experience pain. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to go a full day with no symptoms whatsoever. As a test, I tried going two days without eating cultured vegetables and kefir and voila!, the bloating returned. And I am finally "regular" for the first time in 13 years. This book and information have given me my life back. Now I share this information with all of my friends and try to educate them on the importance of our gut health. And the best thing about this book is that it is not another "diet book". It's about lifestyle changes and healing and you incorporate those changes at a rate that is comfortable for you. Thank you, Donna!!!!
  • Jannette in TN - Don't be scared about the assemblyI was concerned about the assembly after reading the other reviews, but thought we'd put it together with some challenges. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was not bad at all. My husband highly recommends a 9/16th deep socket and ratchet wrench. The stand is functional and looks great. The weights are awesome too!