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  • AlwaysReinventing - Simple to operate and simply delicious results!Do not hesitate any longer before buying this machine if you want the convenience of producing delicious "lattes" at home. Although I have to agree with the purists here who say this machine does not produce a real latte made with espresso shots, what is does do is replicate very closely that experience in a frothy, cafe au lait. I treated myself to this machine for Christmas, and immediately cut out my daily stops at the coffee shops on the way to work. This machine will certainly save you money! Select a strong roast of coffee for best results, and have it ground very finely as if for an espresso machine. I use paper coffee filters of the recommended size, and have never had as much as a grain of coffee get into the pot. I use 6 tablespoons of coffee, 2% milk, a dash of real vanilla extract, and a teaspoon of sugar for each double batch. This produces 2 large cups or one single latte-sized bowl of coffee. As far as those reviewers who say their drink isn't hot enough, they must like scalding coffee, because I always have to let mine cool off before drinking it and I use milk straight from the fridge. The machine operates extremely quietly, and cleans up really easily if you rinse off the thing that froths the milk and the pot right away. Finally, the machine does not take up half as much counter space as my old 10-cup drip coffee maker and is lightweight as well. The only thing I would change is that my old drip maker had a clock on the front so I could see the time in my kitchen, and the ability to pre-program it at night so it would brew automatically in the morning. If Mr. Coffee could add a clock and programming feature to this machine, it would be more than perfect.
  • Star - Constipation after taking Acai Berry CleanseIm 19 years old, and my bowel movement is regular, i started to take this acai pills since i want to lose weight after 2 weeks it really cleansed my stomach, i didn't feel bloated. After consuming the whole bottle i suffered from constipation 4 days from now. And i read on the internet that it has no side effects. I remember when i was taking this pills i didn't drink lots of water as indicated if taking acai pills, i wonder if this is the reason i'm suffering from constipation..