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  • hisgirl1976 - saw norton in actionI purchased this for my laptop & it was very simple to install. Took about an hour to do a full system scan & fixed a few things on my lap top now its running faster. It came with the option to download it on 3 computers so i put it on my sisters lap top & it found she had 2 viruses so it led me to the norton web site & i was able to download the power eraser for free & it took the viruses out! I saw first hand how good this was & for 20 bucks to download it i think its well worth it!
  • NobodysFool - "Lady Pen" support and adviseHoping I can get a little support and feedback. I gave my daughter these pens for her 13th Birthday - I wanted to acknowlege that my little girl was growing up and thought a "Lady Pen" would be the PERFECT gift - plus, I began to worry that if she kept using those heavy Man Pens, she might begin to get large finger muscles, and then a wedding band from a nice doctor would NEVER fit on her ring finger! Anyways, she opened my gift, took one diamond encrusted pen out of the pack, threw it on the floor and ran out of the room crying. I ran after her, but she slammed the door in my face. Later, she slipped a note under my door - hoping for an apology, all I found was an advertisement for something called "Lez-B-Pens", 2 pens in a pack. I had no IDEA which was the "lady pen" and which was the 'man pen". They seemed equal in all respects...which confused ME, you can imagine! How did my daughter decide which pen to use when paying the bills and which one was for shopping?? There was a note at the bottom from my daughter. It said simply "I wanted to tell you sooner, Mom. Ive been usng these pens for a year now." Sigh. I secretly tried the Lez-B-Pen later that evening. I have to admit - I got more done with that pen in one hour than I have with my Lady Pens all year!!
  • W. Ip "wip" - Day 1 Review...First off, best fitness game for any gaming systems! This completely destroys Wii Fit and any fitness game on PS Move. This game performs very well in terms of tracking player's movements. My daughter plays UbiSoft's Just Dance for Kids but that game has a lot of flaws in terms of tracking movements especially in menu screens, but this game does not and menu screens are easy to navigate as it had no problems with tracking my hand when I make selections in the menu. As for game play, I tried a few different activities, block hitting, jump rope, kick it, balance block, and pump it. These are all mini games that goes for about 2 mins each and by the time I am finish, I felt that I was really working out, as I was getting sweaty. I did not see any flaws in any of the games as it accurately tracks the movements of my body which impressed me alot! Also the minigames are not boring, Wii Fit got boring really fast, and also these games are more addicting than Wii Fit. I think the reason is that it does not require you to use a board or the hand held controller. I think it is a burden to play a game and have to wait for an accessory to sync up each time before you can play the game. Your Shape does not have that burden as it scans your body at the beginning and then each time you choose an activity or lesson there is no wait time to sync up with an accessory since there is not one involved. I am impressed with everything about this game so far after day 1, now the question is that will the lessons and more intense work out sessions keep me addicted like the mini games? I will have to try them out and come back with another review, but so far I can surely say that those minigames are a great way for a mini cardio workout!
  • Linda A "Linda A" - Finally Found a PositionI spent the last few years sending out resumes with no luck. Now I finally understand that I should have put myself in a binder. Got this great Avery model and shipped myself off to Romney, where I have been sitting on his shelf ever since. Finally found a position. So, it's a little boring, there's no chance for advancement, and there's no healthcare or birth control coverage. At least he lets me out every day at 5:00 p.m. to cook dinner.