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  • objectdev - Works as expectedI love that, in addition to the storage capacity, it has a USB port so that I can save to it from any of our notebook computers by hooking it up to our wireless adapter. It then automatically shows up as a network drive so I can save from anywhere. The only drawback to this type of configuration is that a save is dependent upon your network speed which may be much slower than hooking it directly to the computer.
  • vanessa982 - Just an FYIIf you suffer from BV, which I have since last August, then I just wanted to let you all know a little something. I get bv now the week after or the week before my period. I use VH Essentials to cure the bv then use Pro-B after. I'm hoping with this I hopefully won't have to buy any other product. If you are sexually active PLEASE use condoms, because unprotected sex and your partner's body chemistry will throw you off completely and the same thing goes for oral sex. The salvia will do nothing good for you in the long run. This is my first week on these pills and I can say nothing bad about them. Any discomfort I had while treating with VH essentials is completely gone. This will be well worth the cost instead of spending $25 on vh essentials (which works in a hurry if you ever get bv and want it gone.),$12 on Represh gel, and $30 on these pills. Within hours of taking the pills I nearly felt back to normal minus the discharge which VH Essentials has rid me of. I hope this helps.
  • Dolores Utley - Someone-Life from the 1st. person perspective.It is a book that leaves you thinking! I liked the author's first person narrative. We came to know Marie through her own thoughts and experiences. Of course, as with all of us, our experiences are just one piece of the story. So we don't get others perspective that would occur in the 3rd. person narrative. But, that is what makes the story interesting and leaves you thinking and wanting to talk about the book with someone.