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  • L. Jones - Love this thing!I had the 2 and upgraded to this one. I didn't think the earphone attachment in the remote would get used but boy was I wrong. It's really nice to listen to movies with a headset especially if your doing other stuff or there is a lot of noise in the environment. Want to crank up some loud tunes late at night, no problem.

    Fast responsive and glad I upgraded. The only thing missing is a Youtube app that's like the one on the Apple TV. I have them both and use them more or less equally. The Roku 3 has the edge with the bluetooth remote earphone combo and the Apple TV has the edge because of it's Youtube app and network integration which allows streaming from your computers, Roku has a Plex app which also allows network streaming which actually works pretty well. I dropped my cable account long ago except for internet and have not regretted it because of these babies and my Tivo. They turn your regular TV into a smart TV.
  • Doreen M. Altman - Healing Oneself Through this BookI have known about this book and the author for many years through Dr. Ronald Hoffman, who was my "health guru" in New York. He is also on the radio, which is where I first heard him, and now syndicated all over the country. I never thought that I would have to use the "specific carbohydrate diet" espoused in this book, as I had never had stomach problems. However I developed intestinal distress at the beginning of March, and was told it was a possible parasite. For three months I suffered with chronic diarrhea, and whatever the Doctors gave me did not work. My colon never went back to the way it was, and I went for a variety of tests, but got no real answers or a solution. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, and after a month on this diet, which I do not find difficult at all, I feel like myself, and I am 100% improved. Thank you, thank you!

    Doreen Altman
  • K. Smit "MissCheese" - My 3 & 7 year old LOVE this! Works great!Bought this Fairy yesterday....charged it up and WOW. My 4 year old and 7 year old LOVE it and are having a blast. The charging and plugging in big really does need to done by a grown-up (my 7 year old will figure it out after I show her) but that is no big deal. It really does fly! It senses your hand under it and goes up and down. Part of the fun is it flying around the room and trying to 'catch' it under your hand...and if your don't, it crashes down. The kids LOVE that. If I do it, I can easily balance it on my hand and make it go up and down.

    It is a little loud, but it is obviously based on a remote helicopter that is what is sounds like. Nothing major.
    I highly recommend this for kids as a good Christmas gift...I hope they come out with a version for boys.
  • Denis Vukosav - Small book full of warmth and great wisdom...Stitches" by Anne Lamott is new book by known bestselling spiritual author that follows her previous popular prayer book Help, Thanks, Wow".

    She wrote this book that could be used to help on those most difficult days in our lives, when it seems that it can't be any worse than already is.

    In "Stitches" using her familiar writing style Anne is giving her insights full of hope that can give strength, help reader to regain will for life after some tragic event, accident or any other sad event happened.
    She called this book as a handbook on meaning, hope and repair although she admits that she as well can't provide simple and exact answers, feeling herself sometimes lost as well.

    Instead she is suggesting trying finding peace in ourselves, using faith and trying to help each other doing our daily activities, or simple said just try to survive these days full of sorrow.
    Due to her life in which she experienced some sad days, but also from people she knows, she is giving some practical advices how to help others and ourselves in case of illness, loss of a loved person or a natural disaster, advices that are full of wisdom.

    Anne Lamott with her book is giving a suggestion which path to take when some bad thing happens in your life, and although that path wouldn't be easy to follow, if you open your heart open, you'll be able to recover.

    Stitches" is a small book full of warmth and great wisdom and due to that it can be fully recommended.