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  • World Soccer Shop - adidas 11/12 Real Madrid Champions League Jersey + Ronaldo 7The jersey was purchased as a gift. It was well appreciated and well received. It was exactly what I had hoped it to be.I had recently purchased a similar jersey while visiting Barcelona but when ordering online, sometimes the advertising can be misleading. The quality was excellent. No issues with ordering online and will do so again.
  • SirArthur - Add to cart nowI listened to a variety of music (EDM, Classical, Hip Hop, Country, Crap Rap, Jazz, Metal, Bluegrass) to test out the range and I'm pretty shocked. Jazz and You are immersed in the music with the strings of the cello or fiddle to the cymbals and most surprising of all the heavy bass in hip hop and EDM. The bass seems overplayed at times similar to Beats headphones, but not as exaggerated and doesn't muffle vocals whatsoever. Bluegrass and Jazz are extremely enjoyable to hear that clear double bass in conjunction with horns and fiddle/violin. Everything is sharp at high volume levels as well although I haven't tested at 100% because it is too loud at 70%.

    I checked out the plethora of BT MOBILE models at Best Buy and none compare to the range that this speaker has (not the Magnolia lines like DefTech or Libratone. If that was even an option for you...why are you here?). The Bose Soundlink is great in the mids and highs, but low frequencies are only good compared to the A33. It goes without saying to buy the best within your budget. I've found mobile speakers sub-$300 can't beat this value and coughing up the extra $50 from the $100 range pays itself in sound quality. Weatherproofing, IP64 - not submersible, is definitely an added bonus. Not to forget the usb charging and conference call options that many BT speakers lack. The cons I have at the moment are the extra weight (opposed to the UE Boom or Beats Pill bleh!) and lack of full waterproof protection; a trade-off I gladly took for my use. If you require the full IPx8 protection, the EcoXBT offers that for the lower quality sound. Females carrying this in their purse will definitely know it's there. Fortunately, this is greatly paid off when in use as everyone will know where it is, even over conversations (varies by test woman). I will be testing this soon in a workshop environment to check how well it masks tool/machinery noise. Battery life is very important for mobility, so that's something I'm testing now too.

    UPDATE: This monkey is LOUD! I didn't have it on full volume because it was deafening. It masked most of the workshop noise (you could still hear them enough for the safety-minded readers out there) and that wasn't on full volume. I was pairing it with a Lumia 920, so if your device is no good, maybe it's your source. If that's not it, call up their customer support. They are very great and helpful (I had a connectivity issue which a full discharge/recharge cleaned up). As far as battery life, it's around 7 hours on 40-50% volume. Less time the louder it is and vice versa. The weight is really a non-issue. I know it's in my backpack by weight not bulk and it helps remind me if I left it behind. One downside I discovered is the need to flip the waterproof seal on the ports to charge. I have to assume their reasoning is if you're using an AC plug that close to a water source, you won't have many years ahead of you. My best use so far is using it in the bathroom while in the shower and not having to expose my phone to the humidity and sink splash (replaced a set of speakers in there using a Belkin BT receiver).
  • Judith Estrada - Quickbooks ProFirst of all I appreciated the price on Amazon. It beats even an accountant's discount. It is good enough for anyone to keep their books in order, especially if they do not need to close books on a monthly basis and do not need to keep up with their cost accounting. Even a business owner can probably keep up with their accounting with minimal training.
  • susan m. smith-CPC - At Home in MitfordAt Home in Mitford by Jan Karon is the first book in the wonderful Mitford series. Through the eyes of Father Tim, a sixty-year old bachelor and an Episcopalian priest, we are introduced to the small town of Mitford. Throw in a large, bumbling dog, a young boy, and a new, very attractive next door neighbour and you have the foundation for a great read.Jan Karon is a superb writer. Her characters are believable, her wit is exquisite, and her portrayal of small town life is right on the mark.This is a series to savour and enjoy. I spaced my reading of these books as I didn't want my visits to Mitford to end too quickly.I have an aunt who is dying of cancer who loves to read. I wanted to give her books that were enjoyable, uplifting, humourous and encouraging, so I got her started on the Mitford series. She has read them all and loved them. Now her daughter is on the last book. My aunt underlined places in the books that had special meaning for her and my cousin plans to keep the books to reread and as a memento of my aunt's thoughts during her last weeks.For a marvellous read, start with Jan Karon's At Home in Mitford. However, I must warn you that other areas of your life may suffer neglect as you snatch every opportunity to return to the town of Mitford.
  • Karen M. Phillips - Such a great advent calendarIf your children like Lego, spend the extra money or wait until this is on sale (I only paid $30 in November 2012). This is an amazing caledar with something to put together and play with each day. If you're even considering the Mega Bloks Smurf advent calendar DON'T BUY IT, spend the extra and buy this one. The Mega Bloks one will give your child a couple of blocks or one piece of lego on some of the days. This was well worth the money and had so many cute things added that weren't on the box like a tiny remote control fire truck, so cute. My kids still love the set and play with it every day and it's almost April. Thanks Lego, I hope you make another advent calendar next year!