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City: S4R Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Mystery reader - I Pad MiniI just love the size and function of this I pad mini. It does everything I need and more. I get my email, facebook,netflix, dishnet tv,.
    Internet is fast and I love all the apps I use. Also takes very good pictures except when there is very little light. Oh, and got all my Kindle library on it also. Very happy with it. No problem being used when purchased.
  • Miguel A.Tovar - An essential reading for physicians and medical studentsThis book is the first of its kind and a must read for anyone interested in Social Media in healthcare. Despite his youth, Dr. Bertalan Meskó (or Berci) is already an acknowledged authority in this field. As the founder of the world's first university elective course focusing on Medicine and Social Media for medical and public health students Berci is an authoritative voice on the subject. You just have to Google his name to check that I'm not exaggerating.

    By writing this educational book he has again demonstrated his passion and commitment in guiding medical students and physicians to acquire skills in digital literacy to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

    As someone who has a vast knowledge and experience in the practical use of Social Media the book is well structured, clearly written and full of useful tips and well-chosen examples. Each chapter ends with a self-test and next steps to encourage you to think about how to apply the concepts in your own practice. How to deal with privacy concerns and the protection of the confidentiality of patients have been definitely highlights for me.

    All links and further reading recommended in each chapter have been grouped at the end of the work, which can be useful for later review.

    As a conclusion, 'Social Media in Clinical Practice' is an essential reading and I will be suggesting it to everyone I know in healthcare who wants to take advantage of the Social Media space professionally but is not sure about how to proceed.

    Disclosure: Social media brought us together about four years ago and now I am honored and proud to have Bertalan Meskó as a friend.
  • Marianne Fitzgerald - Great shoes, great fit!The shoes arrived promptly on the day I requested them. Since I used an old Mizuno shoe of mine for the size, I knew that the fit should be correct, and it was. They are very comfortable. I wore them almost all day after getting them around 10 AM. I wore them again today for a special rally at the Texas Capitol Building in the hot sun and with crowds of people. They were still comfortable. Thanks for a really good experience of shopping on line!
  • J. Keeler - Eat This - Not ThatThis series is great - and very helpful if you eat out alot. I tend to eat at home more often - hence the reason why I LOVE the series - COOK THIS - NOT THAT - there are two books in this series - and I'm hoping for more. I've got both of them and have made SEVERAL of the recipes in both. Took many of them to work - and my co-workers raved about them - not even knowing they were eating banana bread that was 1/3 of the calories and fat - key lime pie (which I also made with Lemon and a layer of lemon-curd on top) - rated the best key lime pie several had ever had - and it was 1/3 of the calories and fat! If you're wanting to watch your calories - GET THESE BOOKS! If you don't cook much - then the EAT THIS - NOT THAT series would be better choice for you. Either way - you've got it made with these books.
  • Charles L. Smith "serious thinker" - So far so good!I bought My Pillow from a local department store for considerably less than most of the reviews I've read. It was $59.99 plus tax, and I had a coupon for 10% off and didn't have to pay any shipping charges.

    So far I love this pillow and can't understand why so many people are having trouble with theirs, unless they never gave the pillow a chance. What I like about the pillow is that it is airy and light and you can shape or fluff the pillow anyway you like and it will stay in that position until you change it.

    I have trouble sleeping, but I notice when I fall asleep, I stay asleep and wake more refreshed and I've only had the pillow for a week. I'm eager to see how I feel after the two weeks that the manufacture recommends. I believe all these negative reviewers need to give the pillow more time. I've tried many pillows and usually have had to add a small pillow to my regular pillow, but so far I haven't had to do that with this pillow due to the fact that you can shape and fluff as you like.