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  • washingtonian32 - The Only Product That Has Ever WorkedI've never written a review before but I must say, this is the ONLY product that has helped my skin. I went from cystic acne to still having really bad skin. The Regimen is the ONLY thing that has helped get my skin completely clear. The creator is a godsend. Yeah, the beginning is rough but you have to go through it. I have beautiful skin, don't even have to wear make up if I don't want and I used to be a cake face! Thank you Dan!
  • Jen B. - It works!I took the FertilAid pills for about 1 month after 8 months of casually trying to conceive. I also used the Clearble Easy Fertility Monitor, and I got pregnant within the first month! I would recommend this product for anyone that is trying to conceive, along with using the fertility monitor. It works!