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  • Dawn Brigman - Make your business life easierThroughout my career as an accountant/bookkeeper, I've seen a lot of shoeboxes. Shoeboxes are fine when there are no other options. However, Intuit provides an easily-affordable option, QB2011.
    There are some things this software will and won't do. The software is not going to miraculously turn you into a number cruncher. Instead, it will help you organize your financial information and turn that organized financial information into a financial picture from which you can base your business decisions!
    You will also save money at the end of the year. Giving your accountant a box full of receipts and bank statements costs your business a lot of money. It takes your accountant a lot of billable time to sort through the shoeboxes. If you are using QB2011, the money you will save in accountant's fees (by organizing your financial information yourself) more than pays for the software!
    There are a great many other benefits. A lot of which have already been written about both in the reviews and the product summary. Read them all.
    Don't forget, keeping accurate financial records is one of the "make it or break it" standards for small businesses.
  • mikeyt - currently the best android tabletthis is my first tablet. i've played w/ the acer, samsung and sony tablets and this has the best performance. everything is silky smooth (the way android tablets should be as a standard) and the build quality is excellent. finally there's a real competition to the ipad.
  • Cory C. - Perfect ProductI love this Roku. I bought this so I wouldn't have to take my xbox back and forth between rooms to watch Gamecenter Live and it is probably the best streaming device for the price made to date. It streams beautiful 1080p and I haven't had even as much as a glitch with this. Easy setup, easy use. Love it, highly recommend. If you're wondering if this is worth the higher price and debating on getting Chromecast, it is! I bought both and this is by far the better product. I don't even use the Chromecast anymore.
  • router - True Image 13 Works with no ProblemsThis is a review for True Image 13 Home. I have been a user of True Image for about 6 or 7 years and never had any major issues. We purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 and wanted to get the most up to date version of TI. I did not purchase 2013 primarily because of the negative reviews here, and subsequently went with Paragon Backup. BIG MISTAKE FOR ME. I worked with the Paragon program for 8 or 10 hours. I could never get it to restore an image that was backed up, and several times during the backup process would get error messages with no explanation in the program window, and could not find any explanation on the Paragon site. You know something bad is happening when the "estimated time" to finish an operation keeps increasing rather than decreasing. Although the interface for the Paragon software was extensive in advanced mode, some of the terms and wording led me to believe that the instructions were not written by a native English language speaker. Maybe one of the other languages was more precise, but, sorry, I only understand English.

    I finally gave up, downloaded True Image 13, and within about 1 1/2 hours had backed up, restored and cloned a drive with about 150 Gb of OS and data. This included a FAT partition, a Recovery partition and and OS partition. I'm using the cloned drive right now.

    I also see people complaining about Acronis support, but unfortunately, it seems these days that most support is self service. I have yet to receive a response from Paragon on a ticket, but I am guessing they don't work weekends.

    PS - Do be sure to turn off any Anti Virus programs as this does really make a difference. Some programs will block access to certain system files.

    This next suggestion is more costly, but I would also suggest, if possible, purchase an extra drive that you can easily swap out with your primary drive, make a backup and restore to that drive (or clone your primary drive to the new one), then insert the cloned drive to be sure it works. That way, there will be fewer surprises if your main drive fails.