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  • Ken Riedel - I guess they fixed itJust downloaded this to upgrade from Quicken 2006, which had gotten buggy over the years. After reading the negative reviews, I held off for several months until I saw Intuit's note explaining they'd fixed the problems reported by users. They did! There was a slight glitch with the initial download, but the error message included a link that provided a pretty simple workaround. Since then, it's been flawless. It imported over six years of financial data (over 36K transactions!), my budget, and all my accounts with no problem. Took only a few minutes to get it hooked up with my bank so I can upload data directly from them.

    I was concerned about the problems I read about with people getting it synced up with their smart phones. I had no problems whatsoever. Downloaded the app to my Droid and all my account and budget info is there, beautifully displayed. Impulse buys will be a little harder to justify now that I have my spending plan up-to-date in the palm of my hand wherever I go. Feels good to have a better sense of control over my finances.

    I already had all my accounts set up in Quicken 2006, but I still planned on it taking me a few hours to get everything migrated over properly. It actually took less than half an hour, including getting my Droid set up.

    Great job, Intuit!
  • troy gregory - Get the Kindle HD now you want regret itI think the Kindle HD is the best tablet hands down.
    I think it has a very friendly user Interface the videos are very stunning and it downloads websites really fast
    What more could you want from a tablet!!!!!