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  • Christine - I din't read but my husband didMy husband read several chapters of this book when we planned a trip to Europe in May 2012. I am so happy he did. Our trip was perfect and I was impressed when he knew just how to use the subway systems, etc. from reading Steves' book. We traveled to eight cities in six countries all within two weeks and probably couldn't have done it so perfectly without this book. We followed several of Steves' recommendations. Our favorite was Switzerland ... and we stayed at Walter's in Gimmewald which was amazing. Perfect for anyone planning a European vacation, whether it's for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.
  • stacy - Dermatend WorksI went to a dermatologist to get some moles checked out and some were scheduled for surgical removal, even though they weren't at a high risk of being cancerous. I actually cancelled surgery because I didn't want the doctor to remove this one mole on my lower tummy. It is perfect to me and has not changed, ever. I looked into natural mole removal and came across Dermatend. There were some good reviews and some not so good reviews. I decided to try the product, since there was a 60-day money-back guarantee. I followed the instructions exactly how they were and removed moles. I even documented two of my larger moles on my forehead, as posted on Facebook. Type in: Dermatend - Review - Removes Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags. The moles have not grown back, thank goodness! The product claimed to remove up to 15 moles but I removed 26 throughout my body. There was no pain and no scarring. People do not even know I had moles where they used to be. If I had to point to the exact spots where the moles were, I would not be successful. This one mole on my nose was removed and grew back about one week later. I re-applied Dermatend and the second time it worked. I have not had any other problems with this wonderful product. I used the Quick Healing Balm, as well as 100% Pure Vitamin E oil to speed up the healing and prevent any scarring. Once the first tube of Dermatend was used up, I purchased a second one, with the balm. I had a lot of moles and now I am nearly mole-less. Oh, and that beautiful little birth mark mole I refused to have removed by the doctor is still with me.
  • Xeno99 - No need for 3D TV!I bought 50 inch 50LN5700 LG TV last week and I have been trying it.
    So far, I am loving it.

    There is a upgrade version of this LG TV which features 3D and much cooler stand, but it is also 150 bucks more expensive.
    As a person who tried 3D TV and have seen others who has 3D TV never using their 3D feature, don't buy 3D TV. It's a waste of money, even if it's only 150 bucks more. Alot of channels are starting to drop 3D features for their channels, including ESPN. This TV is perfect for those who wants a nice quality non-3D internet ready smart TV.

    Some of the features I like
    - Internet connection through WIFI. This allows me to connect to me wireless router and share between my PC using the home network. I installed the Smart Share software on my PC, which allows me to share my PC contents onto the TV. This was exactly what I needed.
    - I also installed LG remote app on my iphone, which allows me to move the pointer like a mouse on TV. This TV doesn't come with LG magic remote, but it isn't needed as iphone app is much easier to navigate.
    - I also have youtube app on my iphone connected with the TV, so that I can watch youtube on my TV when I choose a video on my iphone yotube app.

    There are many other apps in the LG smart world including amazon prime, pandora etc. I didn't download them as I don't use them, but just knowing they are available is quite nice.

    If there is con about this TV, it's the shipping. I use Amazon Prime and the TV arrive 3 days late.
  • Robert J. Smith Sr. - Webroot Antivirus SoftwareI had AVG and my desktop crash, causing my laptop to have 371 virus. My grandson cleaned my laptop. The desktop needed a new hard drive. AVG was scheduled to scan once a week and did not stop the crash. I was with AVG for about 10 years.
    Now I have Webroot on my I MAC and very satisfied. Webroot was recommend by my grandson.

  • Chris Leonick - Great Hotel & Restaurant RecommendationsI bought this guide to prepare for my first trip to Paris. I chose my hotel based on this guidebook's recommendation. I also chose many of the restaurants I visited based on their recommendations. I think this book gave good guidance since I was very happy with my hotel. The restaurants that I enjoyed the most were the ones that I found through this book. I liked Cafe des Musees the best. Great food and reasonable prices. The waiter was so helpful and spoke English too.

    My only complaint with this book is that they only list reviews of full-service, sit-down restaurants. In order to economise I'd sometimes eat at small creperies or buy food at charcuteries, fromageries and markets to eat in the hotel. It would be great if the guidebook would list some of these.

    Another good thing about this book is the comprehensive listing of museums and attractions to visit. I'd never heard of the Jacquemart-Andre museum before I read this book and I liked it very much.

    I would definitely buy this book again.