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Country: Asia, JP, Japan

City: Tokyo, Tokyo-to

  • B. Love "thenuttybowler" - So many good things, so few bad things. My take...Hello Everyone. I wanted to give my two cents on this great game.

    The new Simcity has one drawback and so many benefits in my opinion.

    The first and only drawback, which is not substantial considering the product, is that you have to be connected to the internet constantly, which in the first few days of the games release, was a tedious task. I, however, cannot complain as it took me about 5 minutes of trying to connect before I was successful on the North America server. After this first few minutes, it has not been a problem. Sure every once in a while it has trouble connecting but overall not really a problem.

    Now onto the positive. I want to begin with the game itself. The graphics are fantastic. It looks great on my asus laptop running an hd display. Everything is clear and easy to navigate and I can classify my display via the options menu to my widescreen. Additionally, the ability to upgrade or add-on to buildings in something missing from a lot of games. Sure you can upgrade some of your soldiers or whatever in games like Rise of Nations/Rise of Legends, but nothing modifies the building itself. Now you can add wings to your hospital, add carparks for your police and fire stations, and increase the power output of your power plants.

    I do agree that the individual maps are a bit smaller than in previous installations of this franchise, but I don't see it as a bad thing. Yes, you can only expand so far before you need to start on a new city, but that is the majority of the fun here. I can focus one city on commercial, one on industrial, etc. and then link the cities and have them provide for each other.

    I think it is hilarious that they added the heroes and villains pack to this game with such an increase in comic book hero popularity over the past few years. It makes the game fun and adds challenges to the game. I have yet to build my Dr. Vu tower but it's coming...

    Additionally, I have never really played a game that I can install on more than one machine, and pick up where I left off on any of the machines, whenever I want. Sure, you could install previous installations on more than one machine and then transfer your existing game from laptop to pc, etc and pick up where you were, but now I can finish the game on my laptop when I am on my lunch break at work, and continue on my PC when I get home. There is no transferring, no delays, just start up the game and go. Its terrific. And I can play on as many machines as I want there is NO LIMIT.

    Now on to how long you can play the game. If you can absorb how advanced the next installment of this franchise will be, then why focus all of your attention on how long EA keeps the servers on for this particular game? It took them more than a decade to release a follow up to Simcity 4 and all of the downloads/updates, etc. are still listed on the EA site for download (last I checked as I still play Simcity 4). If you consider that time frame, 10 years, into this game, the add-ons, expansions, etc that are going to come out for this game are well going to extend the server life for this title. You can expect the servers for this to be online for at least 15 years (that's my estimation). Given the different options available in this game, I can easily see myself playing this game for that long (maybe not for hours on end such as I am now but I will still boot up the laptop or pc for some city building every now and then).

    So to sum up, the always on internet deal is a bit tedious and can be frustrating if it takes an extended period of time, but this is where PC games are going. Piracy is at an all time high do to the rising prices of internet and the global recession going on, so its to be expected that securities be put in place. I'm sure someone will come up with a crack or something in the future, or EA may just break down and give the option to play offline with certain stipulations, such as logging in to verify you are who you are and to make sure that only one machine is logged in at a time and then you can log off but that is something we will just have to wait and see.

    I'm sure this review will get backlash, but I wanted to give a positive review of a game that is really terrific, but isn't making the best impression in its first few days of release. Thanks for reading!
  • BriK - Finally! Got what was looking for!Nice piece of equipment that made my 5 years old 67” Samsung to be a SMART TV.
    The setup was quite easy, very simple interface. Installed Nova Launcher, looks even better now!
    Streams my PC media perfectly.
    Never used XBMC before getting this player, love it – plenty of channels. Set up XBMC remote on my smart phone, it is nice to be able to use the phone as a remote. XBMC plays HD video (in 720 format) smoothly and without interruption, no freezes for me so far.
    My TV is like a tablet now. Love it!
  • cordyceps - excellent adviceMy grandfather spoke fondly of this book, and while it was many years before I would lay hands on a copy, I learned a great deal from his vivid stories, and longed to put those lessons into practice.

    When the day came that I was crossing a meadow and an enormous, mean-looking Devon Longwool ram started staring me down I knew exactly what to do. The instant he launched himself at me I hauled out my flare gun and sent up a red starburst. You should have seen the look on that ram's face as he turned tail and bolted! A few days later I was crossing the same meadow and no fewer than three monstrous Spanish Merinos jumped me, and it just had to be the day I left my flare gun at home! Thinking fast, I whipped off my scarf and semaphored a warning. While they stood there blinking, I reversed course and fled with the wind at my stern. For a tense moment I feared capsizing, then I was safely over the fence.

    Imagine my surprise, then, when I received a copy of Mr. Trimmer's book as a gift. What were all these pictures of oil tankers and freighters doing there? And not a single word about Hampshires, Pomeranian Coarsewools or Tyrolean Mountains. The light slowly dawned on me: could this all be a big misunderstanding owing to my grandfather's thick Slovenian accent? I had always put down his talk of "sheeps" as a quaint solecism. Now it seems so obvious, since my grandfather was a lobster fisherman by trade, and I never could figure out how he came by such an intimate knowledge of sheep herding.

    Well, let's just say that Mr. Trimmer's advice comes in equally handy when trying to avoid huge livestock and large oceangoing vessels. Five stars for a well-written guide.
  • La revue - Best deal I ever had on this product.Was very unhappy when these Quicken folks decided not to support my previous version, being suddenly unable to download quotes and transactions, and asking for more money every couple of years or so. So I waited, and thanks Amazon for enabling to download the product at a much lesser cost. Not used for mobile, so not a factor.