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  • Diana and Harry Spencer - It's just so simple, and all the way through clean up...Well we've got one of those older juicers that can take a cinder block and make it juice for breakfast. No doubt the apple, carrot, beet concoction is delicious but the clean up takes thirty minutes ???
    With this NutriBullet, which, by the way, I feel like promoting on Channel 505 on Cable, it juices up fruits, reasonable veggies, and it seems like it's so good for you.
    Now I'm a porker, with no mind control, so while I can make it through a lunch period with just a full glass, I tend to find myself lusting in my heart for some cheese or something later on. Part of me thinks it would be wiser to enjoy this as a dinner supplement, we'll see...
    Bottom Line, this is worth every penny. The simple style, no On/Off switch; one speed; containers to drink out of, the whole thing is just so well thought out. And Again, the ease in cleaning makes you really want to use it.
    One thing I heard was if you don't like that soilent green taste you get due to half the container being leafy greens, put a small portion of lemon or lime in the mix. I did that and it did make the outcome more palatable, but for me I'm fine with the greens taste. Also, lighten up on big strawberries, too many of those tiny seeds. One or two, fine, more it gets too grainy.
    Enjoy, and if you're reading this and wondering if you really should buy one, Go For It. The chances are you die with one hundred dollars in your bank account, you owe it to yourself.
    And No, I don't work for the company !
  • darvin - Good for tonsil stonesMy ENT recommended this product as an alternative to getting my tonsils removed due to do constant tonsil stones. However, I waited two years before I tried it, and that was only after I read all of the reviews. I wish I had tried this two years ago! This mouthwash has significantly reduced my tonsil stones! I rinse (mostly gargling) for 1-2 min. morning and night, but use nowhere near the amount suggested - I use maybe a third of the amount and it is plenty. I notice that when I start to slack on my regimen, I get a tonsil stone, so this really tells me that it's working. And the fresh breath is just a great bonus; I no longer worry about the stones causing foul odors. I just have a nice, clean taste in my mouth, pretty much all day. Not really minty, just clean. I've gotten my husband to use it too, and his coffee breath goes away after he uses it. I also feel that price here is a good one; I saw this mouthwash at a major drugstore for a lot more money. I definitely recommend!
  • Amanda Vera - Great book for all women!I recently joined a book club and this is our first book. I had seen Sheryl Sandberg's TED Talk a few years ago so was excited to read this book and get more of her perspective on women's issues. I recommend this book to all women; whether working full-time, being a stay at home mom, or somewhere in between. Being a new mom myself, I struggled when deciding whether to return to work or stay at home with my baby full time. After reading this book, I feel empowered to be able to manage my career and my family life and hope that after reading this book more women feel empowered to lean in to whatever their life's passion may be.
  • Judith Ashley Banks - OverwhelmingThe prose,the imagination,the ability to instil fear into the heart of the reader just by the mention of mist rising over the River Thames in this terrifying yet mesmeric era of British history is perhaps an understatement of the effect this book has on the reader. But, then again, I am not a writer.