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  • Reno J - My iPads Now Sit IdleMy family owns 3 iPad 2s. I love them. The iPad 2 is a great product. The problem is Apple itself: their DRM restrictions, having to do everything through iTunes, and on and on. The Android Samsung is so easy to use. On a computer, the Galaxy Tab 2 is recognized as an external hard drive & one simply has to drag and drop MP3s or MP4 movie files that have been ripped to the appropriate folder in Windows Explorer - no restrictions. My iPads (as well as my Kindle Fire) have a limited amount of internal storage (16gb for the Apples, 5gb for the Fire). The Samsung has 16gb onboard, but the addition of a microSD card slot of up to 32gb is a godsend - unlimited storage with multiple cards.

    Screen size: the iPad is more old school TV or computer monitor 4x3 while the Samsung is closer to modern 16x9.

    Over the last few years, I've bought multiple products (Apple, Archos, Kindle, iHome, etc.), and for the most part they've been good devices, but none of them did everything I wanted them to do in one product until I got the Galaxy Tab 2. It meets all of my requirements. I'm finally completely satisfied with one electronic device. Thank you Samsung. Oh, yeah. The screen quality is great, also.
  • sophia wilkinson Thank you very much,ship... - My first order from Amazon.A coworker recomended your web site to me. I really needed a drug hand book.After receiveing the Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide,i wish i had ordered a few more books that would be help full to me on my job and expand my knowledge in my profession of Nursing.
  • Cajun Reader - Crucial M500 960GB SATA SSD exceeds expectationsI installed the SSD in a MacBook Pro now it only takes 6 seconds for the computer to start up from the moment the power button is pushed. My programs which are hard drive intensive run much faster as well. I work with audio/video files and rendering a large file was taking an hour or more. Now that same size file is rendered in half that time in some cases. Crucial's newest addition to its SSD line can only be described as lightening fast. So far I can see no down side to the drive. Although somewhat expensive at virtually a TB it is worth every penny.

    I highly recommend this drive to anyone needing more space coupled with rapid read/write speeds.
  • John O. Raab "Editor of Suspense Magazine" - Heart Stopping Debut!"Still Missing", Chevy Stevens debut novel will make your heart stop as no detail is overlooked. At each turn of the page, you'll find yourself clutching the book with white knuckles and struggling to comprehend the sickening and terror-filled moments as this realistic and horrifying tale unfolds.

    With a career she loves, a caring boyfriend and indispensable best friend, Annie O'Sullivan's future looks bright. That is until the day of her abduction and the subsequent year she spends imprisoned by a lunatic. Her harrowing journey--told through a series of psychiatric sessions--is a powerful and painful account of her fight for sanity. Once home and forced to face the non-stop challenges of surviving, Annie can't control the obsession that builds as she seeks the truth behind her kidnapping.

    A book that I truly couldn't put down, "Still Missing" is a frightening story that will leave a lasting effect.

    Reviewed by Suspense Magazine