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  • Kyliegirl - Healing and inspiringI think this is Lamott's best work, or at least my favorite of all the great pages she’s written (Traveling Mercies is one of my all-time favorites). The writing in Stitches is deep and thoughtful and funny, and there’s a quotable moment approximately every fourth line. This might be the best meditation I’ve read on handling the awful reality that comprises so much of life. Inspiring and hopeful, and yet very, very real. I’m grateful for Lamott’s generosity as she shares what she’s learned about living in this tension. I’m ordering my own copy (the first was from the library) so I can cover it with notes & highlighter. Highly, highly recommend.
  • M. Reilly - It's no miracle, it's science.I'm just like everyone else on here, sick, modern medicine does nothing more than take my money, and I'm in desperate need of a 'cure' (or at least some way to get my life back to something that at least resembles normalcy). After being diagnosed with Celiac's Disease and sticking to a strict gluten free diet I wasn't getting better, this diet is literally the only thing that has yet to help me. People say the diet is hard, and yea, I guess it is at first (like anything worthwhile is), but it's like others have already stated, you're not going to get a magic pill, so buck up. It's worth it. And besides, it's not any different than how we were eating fifty years ago, we got ourselves in a big hurry to get somewhere... but where? We are spoiled. As a species we can't continue eating this way, packaged and pumped full of chemicals, eat a burger without even getting out of the driver's seat, it just doesn't work. Technology evolves much faster than our guts. But I digress, the diet works (of course not for everyone, we're all different with different issues from different sources), and it explains in simple science how and why it works. It ain't brain surgery. It ain't a cult. It's all pretty straight forward. The book could be better written, sure the text could be smaller (ha!) and better organized, but those seem pretty irrelevant to me. (and there are no major discrepancies that I noticed, the whole bacon thing she is merely saying if you can't find sugar free fry the hell out of it and only indulge once a week)

    I have the worst self discipline in the world (no, really) and I'm doing it just fine. It only seemed hard for the first week or so, now its just my norm, just like hitting the Wendy's up for lunch used to be my norm. If I can I try to spend one afternoon or evening putting together several dishes to eat off of for the week, when I make dinner I make lots of extras, I use the heck out of my crock pot. I hardly use any of the recipes in the book, its just a starting point, just an idea generator, the possibilities on this diet truly are endless and plenty of recipes are naturally SCD legal (I still get lots of ideas from Good Eats, as well as many blogs online). I think of it as a lifestyle change, not just a diet I have to put up with. No reason for deficiencies in carbs or vitamins as other people have said, the book isn't gospel and there's a wealth of information outside the book these days as well, you still need to make educated decisions and pay attention to what you need and don't need. I find this diet way less restrictive than many others and I have been able to make everything I can dream of without cheating. Even pizza and donuts. It's fun.

    In reality me getting better was more a mental adjustment than a physical one, finding the discipline to make changes, stopping the denial that I didn't really need to change. I am a stronger person inside and out because of it. If you're sick of being sick, TRY IT.