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  • paulH - FINALLY !!!Ok here you go. I obviously have a issue with sweat if I'm looking into purchasing this product. I can tell you from my own experience that it works. Not only did it stop most all sweat but the more I'm using it the longer I'm going in between applications. I would SWEAT not like have some wetness but soak an undershirt in a hour. Gross I know. But the fact is Sweatblock does just that, block the sweat. I'm more confident through my day knowing that my underarms are the least of my worries now. I have a stressful job that requires lots of lifting and close corners with co-workers I'm now not worried about showing huge pit stains while working. And for those not sure its worth a try. I was a sweater durring a raining day. For no reason I would sweat and this product truly works for me. Ill be a returning customer for a long time to come.
  • Justin - Definitely WorksI take 3 pills around 2PM and I eat much less the rest of the day. I often feel like skipping supper. I've lost 16 lbs in about 8 weeks. It really does work. I also exercise and eat right, but this helps me alot with the appetite suppression. Good product.
  • Carol Barriger - Thoroughly researched, scholarly yet accessibleProfessionally and personally, I have done a great deal of reading on the early church, Paul, the "historical Jesus," and Jesus as constructed by Christianity. I am thoroughly familiar with all of the people who have made names for themselves in these fields. I have read a lot of pompous and boring stuff, as well as a few life-changing books - for myself and the people I have served in my congregations and teaching settings. Aslan draws in the perspectives of history, anthropology, sociology, and religion into what I found to be a detail-packed, engaging and scholarly, yet accessible, work. This is material I will actually *use* for myself and others. It is well-organized and exhaustively end-noted, leading to many, many primary and secondary sources.
  • Tim Drake "Author and Journalist" - Fantastic PSAT Preparation ResourcePSAT preparation deserves more attention. Given that PSAT scores help determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship, it's just as important as preparing for the SAT.

    Kaplan (the test preparation experts) has produced an excellent print (and online) resource in their PSAT Premier book. The book, like so many others, includes test preparation, tips and strategies to help the test-taker, but it also includes more. In addition to two full-length practice tests, and detailed explanations for each answer, Premier also includes access to additional tests online, and free access to Kaplan's Live Online events, interactive state-of-the-art lessons complete with audio, video, chat, whiteboards and screen-sharing.

    The book also includes a writing skills review, a review of 100 top math concepts, and more than 1,000 vocabulary words to help students prepare. A parents' guide shares tips for parents on how they can help their children use the book and prepare for the exam. There's also online access to fast fact videos with Kaplan's tutors to review the most important concepts, strategies, and content from each chapter. Premier is a thorough resource, providing book, audio, and video content to help you prepare.

    My sophomore, a first-time standardized test taker, appreciates the ability to prepare, and have a positive testing experience before the actual test. The book and online resources are perfect for any sophomore or first-time standardized test taker.