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  • robert b. - Great wireless speakerlast year when we went on a family vacation, someone had one of the "top of the line" blutooth speakers. I was amazed at the sound,
    but after finding out the cost, I was a little less appreciative. Later that year my wife wanted to get me something for my anniversary and
    I requested a wireless speaker to use with my Apple products. I started reasearching and came across a review for this speaker. I went to a consumer reporing site, and this speaker was highly rated. There were many reviews and all were highly favorable for this speaker. My wife ordered it, an when I recieved it, it is amazing. Great sound for such a small device. Whether sitting on the patio, or working in my office, the TDK delivers wonderful sound and is everything I was looking for in a wireless speaker. Highly recommend.
  • Gracie T - Without TMI-so simple, so amazing.Product arrived safely, timely. Everything works!
    This does exactly what it says, exactly how it says it, without chemicals the area concerned remains naturally fresher longer, not uncomfortable or inconvenient.
    The price is a little high but the quality is good.
    I'm not planning to ever use anything else.

    Later I was asked for more specific information on the product so here it is ladies.
    You have a medical grade clear soft plastic open top hanging container to put clean luke warm water in, with a long clear large diameter iv tubing with a clamp on the end to hold the water, attached at the bottom of the container, then a stainless steel very smooth nozzle to stick on the end of the iv tubing.
    1 Clamp the tubing shut,
    2 fill the container with water,
    3 attach nozzle,
    4 insert nozzle comfortably,
    5 unclamp for unpressurized gravitational water flow and internal rinsing.
    Leave plastic parts hanging open to air dry, disconnect ss nozzle, rinse/wash, store upright for draining and air drying.
    I wish I'd found this 30 years ago. It's just too simple...