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  • Julie Grant - Wish I had read this book sooner!I spent a good part of early 2012 worrying about the possibility of world climate change and other cataclysmic events predicted by many. If I had read Gregg's well researched and reassuring book, I could have saved my self unnecessary distress. This book is a great read for anyone interested in the free will -v- destiny debate. As always, Gregg backs up all of his theories with scientific data. There is no New Age rhetoric here.
  • PSM/Bokor - this album is art at its bestI'm amazed that this album has actually received bad reviews.Has our culture become so banal that Spears/Jackson pop music is the base line? This is art folks. If you have any self awareness, this album will affect you. Damn it, it should make you, at the very least, teary eyed.I admit that I blur the album and the film into one experience. The whole project is amazing - that includes the live DVD performance in Berlin.War, insanity, drug use, fame, authority figures who don't give a damn, (that includes your precious, little mommy), self-absorption, and the desperate need for longing - come on folks, you got to be kidding when you trash this album. How can one not feel when Pink calls home and his wife's lover answers the damn phone? Then again, maybe you've never been completely betrayed during a moment of adulterated innocence and weakness.Sure, I have every Pink Floyd album and then some. The Wall isn't the typical psychadelic, experimental mastery that one might typically equate with this band. But, the apparent simplicity is the genius.This is Pink Floyd. This is a masterpiece.Centuries from now adolescents, and adults who can empathize with that angst of just being, will embrace this album.Buy it...
  • WC DuMond - Excellent internet securityThis is my third year using Kaspersky - excellent software. Has caught several potentially dangerous problems (viruses,trojans,
    infected emails and malware) over the years. I have not seen any performance problems with either my desktop or laptop. Installation instructions from CD could be improved, requires a moderate level of computer experience to get thru it. - Another plus: Amazon' s price is way less than retail stores!