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  • Luna Torquill - Solid, almost a pleasure to useI should start out by mentioning this is my first version of Quickbooks; people who are used to earlier versions apparently hate having to adapt to the large changes they made to the user interface. Once I figured that out, I wasn't quite so intimidated by the low rating.

    I'm glad I gave it a chance, too -- I have not regretted it once. QB has a pretty steep learning curve, but once I figured out how to get to the features I needed, it has been a very smooth experience. There are lots of alternatives for how to keep your books, a huge array of preferences, and all through this it hasn't slipped up once. Given how Quicken 2013 was panned for being riddled with bugs, Quickbooks 2013 has been surprisingly reliable and solid the whole time, even when putting it through some serious paces (like catching up with six months of financial records in one go). I do keep backups, of course, since that's always a good idea.

    I wasn't sure I could afford it, but I'm very happy I took the plunge. New users should get a book or tutorial -- the built-in help can be a bit scarce on basic newbie things -- but don't be concerned about the quality of the program.
  • B. Scalise - For Anyone Concerned with Medial Issues, Threre Are Three Books....Taber's Dictionary, Merck Manual encyclopedia of Medial issues, and the PDR.

    The PDR is THE reference for prescription medicine. Every doctor, every health facility, every medical insurer, and many others use this guide as the authoritative resource about prescription medicines. This book goes into much more detail than the small paper the pharmacist provides the patient with prescription information. This book goes into the real detail of prescription medicine. The data sheet provided to a customer may say that a certain folks experiences a certain side-effect. The PDR tells you the percentage of people that experienced it, out of a test group size, to give the reader a better feel for the potential for issues with the medication.

    For anybody concerned with, or interested in prescription medications, this is a "must have" guide.
  • happy customer - Norton 360This product is phenomenal…… I have been using Norton for 3 years now & it works very well in protecting all my computers without any pesky pop-up each time you sign in. I would definitely recommend this product to all since I have been completely satisfied for the past few years. I just want to thank Amazon for mailing this product so quickly & packaging it in a secure manner. Thank you.
  • Morgan - Recommended. But not for mud runsI have used this during a half marathon and a couple 10k's and it worked great. Light weight and I don't even notice I have it on. However, I did use it during the Spartan Beast and I would not recommend swimming with it in mud or crawling under barbed wire, in mud. Especially mud made mostly by cows. Because no matter how much I tried to wipe off the part that goes in my mouth, I still didn't want to drink out of it. Great for regular runs. I like that it has a little storage behind the water bag and a small zipper compartment on the back for keys or a phone.
  • S. Bovington "Booklover" - An invaluable wedding readThis book is a must read for all brides preparing for their wedding day. It's meaningful, valuable advice from an expert that is very accessible, funny and wise. It quickly became my constant planning and preparation companion and I bought for a friend of mine who is also getting married and she LOVES it too.