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  • M. C. Stewart - Got it for the headphone feature but it's great all-aroundI was not looking to buy a Roku. I already had a Sony Bluray DVD player which connected to the Internet and allowed me to access my Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts. I thought the Sony was ok, so why spend money on something that did the same thing. Then I read a review of the Roku 3 and discovered that the remote control would handle headphones. Being a member of the baby boomer generation, my hearing is not what it was and I find that I start cranking up the volume. Even then, sometimes I have difficulty understanding what is being said when the movie characters start talking softly or whispering. I had a surround sound system but it broke. Rather than spend big bucks on a replacement, I decided to get the Roku 3. Not only does the headphone function work well, I discovered that the Roku blew away my Sony DVD player when it came to online services. It is much faster and offers many more services. I love my Roku 3 and use it almost every day. I had resisted the purchase for quite a while, but now that I have it, I wish I had gotten it sooner.
  • kindred spirit - Leap into University for little kids.This is an upgrade from Leappad 1 at our house. Last years model still going strong but some new features make this a hit. We like to have educational toys that are also fun in our home. This pad is very durable and takes pretty much what the 4 yr old dishes out. The bright blue and green colors are great for both boys and girls.
    There is a camera front and back facing. These are not high quality but to the kids they are a lot of fun. Taking a picture of yourself making faces that is worth hours of fun.

    You get a $20 gift card for online game purchase but don't count on that buying a lot. All of your past purchases are compatable with this pad. Update Oct 7, 2013 forgot to mention you get a 30% discount on your first purchase so The $20 goes further. I got 3 programs and still have a $2.50 credit to the account. It is off your whole order.

    Art Studio and the Creativity Bundle are the favorites here.

    The one thing that was a disappointment was this one takes 4 AA batteries and depending on how much play in a day that can be one day. We go with recharagables so there are always some ready.

    It also comes with stickers to decorate the pad or other items the child may want to use them on. This with he DVD at Christmas if it is out would be a wow gift. Little ones see adults with tablets and want them but the 4 and 5 yr olds still need sturdy toys and you have to set up lots of parental controls to keep them safe. There are no worries with this you set the tablet up on the computer make purchases then the child can do anything on the pad.

    You get a 1 year warranty at this price point I was glad to see that.
  • Ibrahim "A former Muslim" - Julia is a Jewel!I wish the book focused more primarily on writing and had stayed away from too much rambling at times. However, the book is excellent, knowing how it all began from a self-published book that finally won the admiration of Tarcher publisher and was her ticket to fame, which Julia enjoys too much. One thing I love about Julia is the fact that she attributes all creativity to the Great Creator of us all and she is not paid to say that but in fact she has actually experienced that. The goal of the book is to get blocks from artists dissolved and have their lives transformed. This will only happy by engaging the Great Creator, our Lord God Almighty, in discovering and recovering our creative powers. The Great Creator is the One who both liberates us from within and free our own creativity. Another thing I love about Julia is the fact that she is willing to admit up to the fact that there is an artist inside each one of us and that creativity is a fact of our spiritual being that has just to be released. Creativity leads to spirituality, and vice versa. The two are intertwined. I don't invent my creative dreams and yearnings but they do come from a a divine source. We should take small steps in the direction of a dream that the Lord lays on our hearts and we just have to watch synchronicity doors flying open, that is, the will of Providence will assist our efforts. Whatever we think we can do or believe we can do, we just need to begin it now, as soon as possible and stop dillydallying. The minute one definitely commits oneself, Providence moves too. I will experience the hand of God moving through my hand as I writ, and all to His glory.
  • C. Adams - VIDEO included in the review. These dolls are amazing;You HAVE to watch these little dolls in action!!!! It REALLY is an educational toy! This video is NOT for children. advisory; foul language and adult content. To use this video address type the three W's and then type " you tube (dot) com " (without spaces or quote marks) then paste this address:

  • L. A. Frazer - Unexpected AWESOMENESSI read "He's Just not That Into You" and "Why Men Love Bitches"... I had raved about both and insisted on all my friends reading them until I found this book. I got a Kindle for Xmas that came with a free trial of Amazon prime. I was able to rent this book for free so I figured why not. I wish every woman in the world was handed this book.
    I see the reviews are somewhat down the middle but I have to say I personally loved it. only section I didn't agree with was the one on online dating. I tried it for a week and was so creeped out I'll never go back again. Besides, she admits she met her husband at a gas station, not online.I believe true love occurs when both people aren't looking for it. online dating is a bunch of people looking to fill a void. Ok for a distraction but not for love.Let the show Catfish on MTV teach you a lesson about it.
    Im an attractive 27 year old female and found this book extremely useful. it's also way more of a self-esteem booster than the other books and changes your perspective on life and relationships instead of bashing everything you've done wrong or simply giving tips on how to play the game. It teaches you to value yourself, a lesson I will remember and value for the rest of my life. I stumbled upon this book out of curiosity and expected a funny read (which btw I totally got a kick out of her sense of humor)... never once expecting it to impact me the way it did. Thank you!!!